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Personal Branding


Personal Branding is the process by which you differentiate yourself and stand out in a crowd. Successful Personal Branding is about identifying your goals, vision, purpose, values etc. and using them to project your authentic self. By branding yourself, you create perceptions about who you are and what you can do.


Your Personal Brand is your reputation. It’s your calling card. It’s what you’re known for and how people experience you. It’s about bringing who you are to what you do and how you do it. Delivering your brand clearly and consistently will create a memorable experience in the minds of those you interact with and can open doors to new opportunities.Personal branding is not about building a special image for the outside world; it is about understanding your unique combination of rational and emotional attributes – your strengths, skills, values and passions – and using these attributes to differentiate yourself and guide your career decisions.
A clear and compelling personal brand can enrich your personal life, increase your professional trajectory, and open doors that you never knew existed. Career progression is not just about doing a good job, but about: Getting exposure with key people,Visibility, Personal credibility, Networking, Sending out the right messages, Being positive and Creating the right image. So, whether you are a senior executive, the president of your own business, or an employee of a company of any size, managing your brand is critical to achieving your professional goals. Your personal presence is the experience people have of you and the memory of you they will take away.Personal branding is necessary for individuals who want to maximise their presence and create a powerful impact on the people they meet and work with.

Three steps to successful personal branding:

Step 1: Unearth Your Brand.

Give your brand context. Before you can clearly describe your personal brand, you need to look at the big picture: your vision, and purpose.

        1. Soar with your strengths
        2. Tap into your values
        3. Pursue your passions
        4. Define your purpose


Step 2: Express Yourself.

Describe the essence of your brand. Start to create a personal brand profile. List your brand attributes, create a brand statement and even your personal brand tagline. This will help you as you develop a plan to communicate your brand. 
 Successful branding requires that you communicate what makes you unique and differentiated to your target audience. There are numerous other ways you can express your brand – writing, speaking,blogging. Identify those that will work for you and put a plan in place to clearly and consistently communicate your brand.


Step 3: Evaluate and Evolve.

Once you’ve identified your brand and  developed communications tools to reach your target audience, you need to measure your brand success by

            • Evaluate
 – The key is putting metrics in up front.
            • Evolve – To remain relevant to their target audiences, all strong brands evolve with the times.
Nouvo Image Consultancy’s Personal Branding Programme Includes:

Personal Branding coaching will cover the following topics

  •  Create your Personal Brand – your strengths, values, vision and purpose.
  • 360Reach Premium Survey with a personalised report and debrief.

Effective management of your authentic Personal Brand and create a Personal Brand statement.
  • Crafting an Elevator Pitch.
  • Deliver clear, concise presentations that move others to action.
  • Increase visibility, exposure and personal profile by creating a visibility plan.
  • Streamlining and growing your social media.
  • Develop professional presence and impact. Selecting the right visual image to support your personal brand.

The Personal Branding process will be implemented in collaboration with Thomas Xavier, one of India’s foremost branding experts with over two decades of practical experience in shaping the destinies of brands in India and abroad. A management graduate from IIM-Bangalore and Ex Chairman of Orchard Advertising.  Thomas Xavier is a Purposing Consultant,with over 2 decades experience in Brand Building . He has worked with organisations like Times Television, Sony Entertainment, Essilor and Mindscape Computing, to help them develop a corporate Purpose and develop an evocative engagement plan to message it across various stakeholders (including employees). Thomas Xavier also mentors CEOs of startup ventures.

Nouvo can help you to become an exceptional professional by acquiring a distinct position in the minds of people. As  a Personal Branding and Image Consulting company we will  help you to bridge the distance between your present image and  the Personal Brand you wish to be. Do get in touch with us today so that we can draw up a personal branding roadmap for you.

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